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Our Transporation Methods

Sun Exports is more efficient in shipping the products through different methods as they have strong tie-ups with airlines and shipping companies. With our high quality shipment, we are able to meet our buyer’s shipment needs without any trouble always. It is vital to get a competitive edge on shipment. Though the freight cost can play a significant part of the export price the lower the shipping cost, the more competitive the export price quotation.

We ensure that the buyer’s receive their order intact thereby gaining customer satisfaction and eliminating the expenses of filling insurance claims and reshipping the complete or part of the order. Actual shipping of our products depends on the stock as well. We schedule the shipment carefully, making it feasible and economical. No matter what the products are, our shipment is carefully planned and managed to reduce the physical and environmental damage. While loading or unloading the products during transportation, the efficient management of the process is essential to prevent careless handling of the products.

Season Calendar

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